ALTERNANCE - Benchmarking Engineer – Automotive Infotainment (H/F)

Parrot Faurecia Automotive
Would you like to be part of a French company known for its innovation and agility ?

Come and join Parrot Faurecia Automotive ! A leading automotive equipment manufacturer with a start-up mentality, working to develop the cockpit of the future !

Located in central Paris, our teams engineer innovative technologies by developing man-machine interfaces based on Android Auto to provide an intuitive connected experience to end users. Our embedded electronic solutions are equipped with powerful multi-core graphics processors to provide quick response times for multiple simultaneous instructions.

Join us in taking up one of the greatest challenges of the automotive industry !

ALTERNANCE - Benchmarking Engineer – Automotive Infotainment (H/F)


We are looking for a final year engineering or marketing graduate student to benchmark Parrot Faurecia Automotive competitors' infotainment and connectivity technology for our Business Development & Marketing department.
Market intelligence will feed:
- specific customer approach (pricing, positioning)
- product roadmap & innovation

The key role will be to identify relevant target vehicles and technologies to benchmark in collaboration with the top management. As part of the product marketing team, the benchmark specialist will contribute to selecting and managing subcontractors for technical benchmark (BOM, costing, etc.), compiling data, drafting clear executive summaries as well as in-depth functional and technical reports in order to adjust our target business list and product strategy together with other departments: sales, marketing and innovation.
A strong contribution to the product plan definition is also expected with continuous benchmark of innovation in the field of connected and autonomous vehicles.

We are looking for a dynamic profile with excellent interpersonal and adaptation skills. A good knowledge of the automotive industry, electronics and software is preferred.


- Identifying relevant vehicles and infotainment systems to benchmark
o Market intelligence & analysis
o Synchronization with sales team, adjustment of target business list

- Identifying key innovations and new technology
o Contribution to product roadmap definition
o Continuous benchmark of innovation in automotive electronics and software
? Connected car & services, intelligent mobility, cockpit of the future, etc.
? Attending automotive fairs and tradeshows
o Make or buy analyses together with innovation and R&D teams.
o Contribution to innovation workshops

- Leading technical & functional benchmarks
o Managing subcontractors
o Coordinating functional tests (incl. field test drives) and tear downs

- Digital marketing, analysis & reporting


You prepare a final year of master's degree (engineering or marketing).
You have a first experience in the automotive or high tech industry and a strong interest in the field of electronics, software, IoT, computer science.

Technical skills required :
- Reporting & presentations
- Proficient MS Office user
Technical skills preferred:
- Good understanding of automotive and connected technology
- Innovation/Consulting/Benchmarking skills
- Ability to quickly weigh/assess the added value of given technologies

You are interested and curious, eager to learn and adaptive, well organized and proactive with a can-do attitude.
You can build relationships and work with 3rd parties.
Your English is fluent for frequent written and oral exchanges